Volume. Endurance. Carrying Power.

The energy and power in your voice is a combination and coordination of three important factors:

1. The muscular strength and endurance of your Vocalis muscle and its direct connections,

2. The ability to open, stabilize and regulate your primary and secondary areas of resonance, and

3. The adjustment and intensity of the air flowing through the vocal cords.

The ability to speak softly and still be heard in a large space without a microphone, as well as the ability to speak loudly without fatigue, strain or hoarseness are skills which can be trained. In these coachings you will learn exercises that have been honed over decades and have shown their effectiveness with actors, singers, speakers in groups and as individuals.

Often the inability to speak loudly is merely a social habit. Just as often however, it is the result of a prohibition from the family system. In both cases coaching exercises are always effective in reversing this habit or prohibition. In both cases, the exercises that YOU, as client, take home and practice become clear during the coaching. The combination of both coaching and self-practice is most effective in creating new and healthier vocal energy habits. Focus on and improvement in eigentone, articulation and vocal energy activates automatically a stronger and more vital emotional expression.

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